The Original Water Bouncing Balls

Until you've bounced a Waboba gel ball on water, have you even lived?

How Waboba Balls Bounce on Water

When a Waboba ball hits the water, it flattens and then returns to its original shape, which causes it to bounce off the surface. Because the Surf, Extreme, and Pro have a gel core, which is more elastic, these balls bounce the best. 

The Easygoing One

Waboba Surf

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The Wild One

Waboba Extreme

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The Elite One

Waboba Pro

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The Engineered Water Technology

Our patented 3-layer design for the Surf, Extreme, and Pro guarantee the highest and best performing water bouncing ball. Not to mention durable!

Fun Fact

How to bounce a Waboba ball on water

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Accept the fact that you'll be hooked after one bounce.

Try Our Premium Foam Series

These Bobes are bigger and more lightweight, which makes them easy to catch and versatile for lake, ocean, or pool play. Pair them with a gel ball for a good time!